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We don't take short cuts with the chemical; and we follow the EPA registered label. And no one can beat our cost of chemical, which we purchase from the largest supplier in the United States. With low over head in our pre treatment department, we offer aggressive pricing and will match any legitimate bid. We are happy to calculate termiticide costs and to share the information with you. Our flexible payment plans accommodate your draw and retainage schedules.

Termite Soil Treatment Costs


We use only EPA registered termiticides, and our treatments meet or surpass all applicable label performance requirements. Two of our preferred products are Termidor™ and Premise 75™, click here to see label and MSDS information on either:


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Premise 75™

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Truck & Work Site


Through experience, we know how to fit into tight and changing construction schedules. We maintain regular contact with your project superintendent and cement contractor.

We work around your other contractors and take every precaution to make sure we do not interrupt your construction schedule.

In a pinch, we are on site in hours and able to address unexpected weather delays, or subcontractor glitches.


Our work carries a FIVE YEAR guarantee. For a modest fee, we offer a TEN YEAR guarantee as well.

Our Guarantee is renewable after the contract term and is transferable.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Proper soil poisoning requires the creation of both a HORIZONTAL BARRIER, which lies beneath the cement slab as well as a VERTICAL BARRIER that must seal the sides of the foundation and basements (where applicable).

On complex projects, it is typically necessary to perform these applications in a multiple of service visits. Proper preparation of the soil is important, and we will coordinate with your other sub contractors to make sure it is done right.

termite soil treatment preparation stages
plastic final stage ready to pour
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Safety on site is critical to the success of the project. Our technicians utilize full safety equipment, our vehicle is marked with a beacon on large sites, and we provide you with a TORCO Service Manual that contains all needed MSDS and product label information, which you can keep on site.

We will coordinate with your superintendent do the treatments are done without disruption to other subcontractors.

Torco Termite Expert

project superintendent


With TORCO, your job just got easier. No more worries about this part of the construcion schedule...

TORCO™ will be there on time and on schedule.
No cost overruns, our price is guaranteed.
You will have direct communication with our on site technician any time, any day -- 24/7.