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When it comes to commercial pest control, no one size fits all. Every program must be customized to the needs of the facility. We offer programs ranging from weekly service to quarterly services, with feedback regarding sanitation issues and areas of improvement.

Warehouses, and other food grade facilites require stringent compliance with supplier specifications, AIB or other obligations. Prompt and proactive service is the key component of any such program, along with stringent adherence to integrated pest management techniques.

Government Buildings

Government buildings present typical pest and rodent problems but on a bigger scale. Many aging structures require termite inspections and treatment as well as bird control.

Restaurants and food serving establishments often require after hours service. Bait and sanitation programs are often successful in maintaining pest free environments. We coordinate with your maintenance and cleaning personnel to achieve an operation integrated pest management program.

Senior Center

Senior centers and school facilities require, by law, that maximum precautions be taken to ensure safety. Exterior services are vital to maintaining a pest free facility.


Ohio law, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, Section 921.06 mandates that any rental property with four or more units must be treated by a licensed pest control operator. Criminal penalties are specified for violations of the statute.

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