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Pest Control –General Pests

TORCO™ | Residential Pest Control That Is Safe, Proven and Effective

Using only EPA registered products, our technicians carefully perform all treatments in a manner that is safe, clean and effective.

Our pest control services gets rid of all types of insects and pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees/Wasp Nests
  • Roaches
  • All General Pests
Inspection Checklist - Pest Control

Free Inspections

We're happy to provide you with a free inspection. We will discuss our findings with you and outline a variety of suggestions for a successful pest management plan of action, including recommendations that you may follow to deter insect activity in the future. If you are in a rush, we are also happy to analyze your situation over the phone and to provide you with a price quote.

A Variety of Pest Programs

Our pest management programs are flexible, so they fit your situation. Our most popular program is the quarterly comprehensive pest program, in which we schedule four services per year. Each season has its unique pests, and the program covers all. A second program involves monthly services. And our third program consists of an intensive initial treatment with a pre set number of intensive follow ups. Each program offers a different benefit, and we will recommend one that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Our Treatment Methodology

Our service strategy consists of a variety of tactics, starting with a thorough inspection of the structure. Using information from the inspection, we develop a strategy that considers such factors as water moisture and retention, soil grade levels, wood to ground contact, gutter leaks, tree limbs, and many other variables. Whenever possible, we will offer suggestions to improve the external conditions thay may host the insect infestations, and recommend appropriate contractors for needed projects. Armed with information, we will outline an integrated pest management program for short term and long term success. Treatment strategies may include the application of pesticides, baits in either dry or liquid form. Typically, exterior service is required both initially and in subsequent treatments. Inside the structure, special attention is given to areas of active infestation, where pesticides and bait products may be utlized. Basement and crawl space areas are often treated to prevent entry of pests and to minimize migration underneath the structure. Attics too are potential sites for insect activity, especially silverfish, and must be addressed in connection with the program.