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TORCO™ | Liquid Termite Treatment Provides 100% Success

Termite Liquid Treatment in Upper Arlington, OH

Protect your home from termite infestations by turning to TORCO for our termite liquid treatment in Upper Arlington, OH. This termite treatment involves the application of liquid termiticide into the soil under and adjacent to a structure to create an impervious chemical barrier. Our technicians will carefully apply it along the inside and outside of foundations, under some slabs, and around utility entrances to create a continuous barrier around your home.

One of the termiticides we utilize is guaranteed to be 100% effective at controlling 100% of termites within three months. Only Termidor, our weapon of choice, is this effective. Since being introduced into the United States in 2000, it has been successfully used to protect over four million structures.

More About Termidor

Termidor works by both ingestion and contact and is lethal to termites simply through contact with other exposed bugs. Additionally, Termidor is undetectable by the termites, meaning they will freely forage through treated areas, unknowingly ingesting, picking up, and transferring the pesticide throughout the colony.

Additionally, in over a decade of concrete slab testing as well as seven-plus years of testing on ground boards, Termidor has repeatedly been 100% effective on subterranean termites. To learn more about Termidor or to discuss our other pest control services, reach out to our office.

Liquid Termiticide Treatment

Torco Termite Technician

For more information regarding TERMODOR™, consult the product label, which contains EPA required data and other information, by clicking below:

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