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Termite Control in Columbus, OH

Termites cause more damage in the United States than tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes combined. We provide office buildings termite control in Columbus, OH. The most common termite is the subterranean termite, which attacks the structure from beneath the soil. By entering through or over the foundation, the termite colony circulates into the wood components of the structure. Subterranean termites will continue to infest a structure without treatment until their cellulose supply is destroyed. Fortunately, although there are no reliable products available at retail outlets, there are various treatment options available to professional pest management technicians.

We offer the best Guarantee in the Industry

We offer two types of contracts for continuing office buildings termite control in Columbus, OH. The first is the industry standard Service Plan, renewable annually, and provides for all additional treatments at no additional charge. The second is the full TORCO™ Protection Plan, which is renewable annually and provides for new termite damage repair. This premium program is the best available, no "ifs, ants or bugs" about it.

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We offer a variety of Treatment Strategies

Every situation is different, and successful termite control requires a detailed examination of your infestation, including its scope, severity, maturity and location. Once an inspection is conducted, we will be able to outline the appropriate program for you. We offer two general approaches. One is a liquid treatment using an EPA registered termiticide, which is dispursed underground and throught the exterior perimter of the structure. The other general approach involves the use of termite baits that are inserted into the soil perimeter of the structure, and to specific live areas inside the structure. Learn more about each method by clicking below:

  • Liquid Termiticide Treatments
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  • Subterranean Bait Treatments
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Termites Are Different Than Ants –Know The Difference

Many people mistake ants for termites because on the surface they look very similar, particularly the reproductive swarmers that are commonly observed in the spring time. However, knowing the tell tale differences makes a proper identification simple. First, termites have straight antenae, whereas ants have kinked antenae; second, termites have oblong wings, whereas ants have unsymetrical and veined wings; and third, termites have two body parts, whereas ants have three, that is the head, thorax and abdomen. If in doubt, call a professional for a proper identification or take a specimen to the entomology lab at Ohio State. Go to our library for more information.