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Need pest control expertise? Then, you’re in the right place. Here at TORCO, we’re proud to be the first choice of property owners looking for a commercial and residential pest exterminator in Grove City, OH, and beyond. From our headquarters in Columbus, we proudly serve customers throughout Central Ohio. Depend on us for a range of programs that are proven to be both safe and effective. We use only the finest EPA-registered products to take care of any pest problems on your property—no “ifs, ants, or bugs” about it.

Call, email, or message us today for more information about our services and programs, including real estate inspections with gas line protection, termite control, pest control, and a wide range of services for industrial and commercial businesses. We look forward to hearing from and serving you soon.

TORCO | Residential

Our pest management programs are flexible, so they fit your situation. Our most popular program is the quarterly comprehensive pest program, in which we schedule four services per year with free service in between. Each season has its unique pests, and the program covers all. Another popular program involves monthly services. Yet another consists of an intensive initial treatment with a pre set number of intensive follow ups. Each program offers a different benefit, and we will recommend one that is best suited to your needs and budget.

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TORCO | Commercial

We offer a wide range of commercial services—including state-of-the-art integrated pest management—for warehouses, apartments, offices, restaurants, public buildings, manufacturing facilities, schools, and more.

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TORCO | Real Estate Services

Depend on us for the Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIRs).

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Residential Pest Services

Residential Pest Control Service in Grove City, OH

  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees/Wasps
  • Roaches
  • All General Pests


  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees/Wasps
  • Roaches
  • All General Pests


Inspection Checklist - Pest Control

Free Inspections

We're happy to provide a free inspection. We will discuss our findings with you and outline various suggestions for a successful residential pest control program in Grove City, Ohio, including recommendations to deter insect activity in the future. If you are in a rush, we are also happy to analyze your situation over the phone and to provide you with a price quote.

Custom Pest Programs

In addition to providing pest extermination solutions, our team will also handle pest management plans. These plans can be customized to meet your needs and can be delivered on a weekly, monthly, seasonal, or quarterly basis.

Various Treatment Strategies

When dealing with termites and other bugs, our pest exterminators will use a variety of treatment options. This includes both liquid termiticide treatments (TERMIDOR) and subterranean bait treatments. All of our treatments are EPA registered and designed to be as effective as possible.

Termite Services

Termite Control in Grove City, OH

Termites cause more damage in the United States than tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes combined. We provide termite control in Grove City, OH. The most common termite is the subterranean termite, which attacks the structure from beneath the soil. By entering through or over the foundation, the termite colony circulates into the wood components of the structure. Subterranean termites will continue to infest a structure without treatment until their cellulose supply is destroyed. Fortunately, although there are no reliable products available at retail outlets, there are various treatment options available to professional pest management technicians.

We Offer the Best Guarantee in the Industry

We offer two types of contracts for continuing termite protection. The first is a TORCO Service Plan which provides for additional treatments at no additional charge during the contract term . The second is the premium  TORCO Protection Plan, which also provides for new termite damage repair. 

Termite Damage

We Offer a Variety of Treatment Strategies

Every situation is different, and successful termite control requires a detailed examination of your infestation. Once an inspection is conducted, we will be able to outline the appropriate program for you. We offer two general approaches. One is a liquid treatment using an EPA registered termiticide, which is dispursed underground and throughout the exterior perimeter of the structure. The other general approach involves the use of termite baits that are inserted into the soil perimeter of the structure, and to specific live areas inside the structure. Learn more about each method by clicking below:  The most popular program is done with liquid Termidor™.

  • Liquid Termiticide Treatments ( TERMIDOR )
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  • Subterranean Bait Treatments
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Identifying Termites and Ants

Termites and ants are often mistaken because they look very similar, especially the reproductive swarmers that are commonly observed in the spring. However, knowing the differences can help with identification. First, termites have straight antennae, whereas ants have kinked antennae; second, termites have oblong wings, while ants are asymmetrical and veined; and third, termites have two body segments, while ants have three. If in doubt, call one of our professionals for a proper identification or take a specimen to the entomology lab at Ohio State.


Since 1935, the TORCO™ name has stood for quality in termite & pest control
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TORCO™ is a pest and termite control company based in Columbus, OH. We offer our services throughout the state, including in Marion, Newark, Zanesville, Chillicothe, Springfield, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Our pest exterminators have years of experience providing a range of commercial and residential services, including general pest control and termite extermination. Our mission is to provide the best services possible at affordable rates. Contact us to learn more.

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